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Pet Microchipping Your Pet from Our Vets in San Antonio

Imagine: something as small as a grain of rice could be the deciding factor between reconnecting with your lost pet or never finding them again. Sadly, for pet owners who don't decide to get their animal’s microchipped, this is a big risk they are taking with their pet's health. 

At Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak, our vets in San Antonio strongly encourage all local pet owners to get RFID pet microchips for their animals. Pet chipping is an affordable, simple, and effective strategy that can make a big difference in the sad and stressful event that your pet goes missing.

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Our Veterinarians in San Antonio, TX Explain How Pet Chipping Works

Pet chipping is not like a GPS tracking device. Instead, it's like putting permanent pet tags on your animal. The small device (literally about the size of a grain of rice) contains a microchip which digitally stores a unique identification number for your pet. The microchip and ID number is linked to your contact information you provide when you enroll with the pet chipping registry. 

If your pet ever goes missing and brought to an animal shelter or veterinary hospital, the staff there can scan your pet for a microchip. This is typically done with a wand like a device that will activate the microchip if passed over by the scanner.

When the microchip is activated, an alert will be sent to the pet chipping database. The registry can then use your contact information to get in touch with you and let you know your pet has been found!

But My Pet Wears an Identification Collar--Isn't That Enough?

Pet tags on collars are helpful, and if your cat or dog goes outside regularly then you should definitely have him or her wear one. But pet tags can easily fall off or be removed. Unfortunately, thousands of missing cats and dogs are brought to animal shelters every year. For ones without microchips, their chances of being reunited with their human families are much lower. 

The RFID pet microchips we offer at our facility are permanent. They are invisible to the naked eye (safely implanted just underneath your pet's skin) and will not fall off. 

Why Choose Pet Microchipping in San Antonio at the Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak?

Our facility is proud to be one of the leading area animal hospitals offering pet microchipping in San Antonio. Included in our pet chipping services are: 

  • The HomeAgain 15-digit microchip (134 kHz) for dogs and cats
  • Microchip enrollment assistance
  • Free microchip scanning of found pets

Installation of a pet microchip is quick and simple. The device can be inserted during a brief office visit, in hardly more time than it takes to give a pet vaccine. Microchips can also be implanted during any other routine surgical procedure that requires your pet to be under anesthesia, such as a spay or neuter surgery.

Get Your Pet Microchipped at Your Local San Antonio Pet Clinic in Texas

So, why not use a chip to find lost pets? They are simple and effective! To learn more about pet microchipping, call the Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak to speak with a veterinarian in San Antonio. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us today at (210) 495-2722.

THIS ---->https://familypethospitalofstoneoak.net/microchip-identification.html

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