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End of Life Care From Your San Antonio Veterinarian

end of life care

Few things are more painful than having to recognize that your friend has reached the end of their life. While we all understand that a pets’ life span is short; the amount of love and memories shared in this short amount of time are irreplaceable.  In these difficult situations, you may find yourself searching for answers and wondering what is the best choice for your loved one.  That’s why our veterinarians will take the time to discuss all your options available so you can make an informed educated decision for your family and for your pets’ quality of life. At Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak your pets best interest is always in mind.

Dog and Cat Palliative Care

Pets age faster than we do and with that comes illnesses, cancers, arthritis and other ailments. Your dog or cat may become terminally ill without currently experiencing any obvious signs of a decrease in their quality of life. Cats in particular can be very good at hiding their pain and other signs of illness because they’re usually elusive and so it can become hard to distinguish between sick cat behavior and normal behavior. Dogs on the other hand tend to mask their discomfort with more sleep. Panting or pacing can also be an overlooked sign of discomfort. If we discover that your pet has a terminal disease or disorder, we can evaluate the extent of their symptoms and limitations and then prescribe the appropriate course of are. Palliative care is not about extending an animal's life; rather, it seeks to make the pet as happy and comfortable as possible in the time he has left. This approach, also known as hospice care, may involve a combination of medications, nutritional/dietary support, assistance with daily needs, and love from their favorite people.

Pet Euthanasia Services

If your pets’ quality of life seems to be diminishing and they’re no longer interested in food, treats or play time it may be time help him pass on peacefully. Our pet euthanasia services are quick, painless, and designed to provide as much comfort as possible to pet and owner alike. Dr. Woolley and Dr. Stewart know how hard this decision can be so we administer a sedative through an IV catheter to make your pet totally calm and relaxed prior to Euthanasia. Euthanasia is essentially an overdose of an anesthetic; so, your pet falls asleep calmly and peacefully, then passes on. During this time, we can also determine the appropriate aftercare instructions for your loved one which may include communal or private cremation in which ashes can be returned to you in a lovely urn or symbol of remembrance for the friend that was so dear to you. 

Ask Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak for Help

You don't want to go through the decisions you face about your pet's end of life care alone -- and thanks to Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak, you don't have to. Call 210-880-2478 to arrange a consultation. Were here to help you make the right choice for your pet and your family.

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Dr. Woolley has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years.

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