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End of Life Care From Your San Antonio Veterinarian

end of life care

Few things are more painful than having to recognize that your dog or cat has reached the end of his life. Every creature passes sooner or later, but we're fated to outlive our pets even if they reach their full natural life spans -- and a terminal illness may even cut that span of years short. In these difficult situations, you may find yourself searching for answers and weighing your pet's options. That's why it's so comforting to know that either San Antonio veterinarian at Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak can help your pet achieve optimal quality of life right up to the end.

Dog and Cat Palliative Care

Terminal cancer and other ailments can sneak up on pets, just as they can for humans. Your dog or cat may be terminally ill without currently experiencing any serious curtailments of his quality of life. On the other hand, cats in particular can be very good at hiding their pain and other signs of illness, which is one reason it's so important to schedule regular wellness exams. (This is especially true for geriatric pets, who are at higher risk for serious disorders.) If we discover that your pet has a terminal disease or disorder, we can evaluate the extent of his symptoms and limitations and then prescribe the appropriate course of palliative care. Palliative care is not about extending an animal's life; rather, it seeks to make the pet as happy and comfortable as possible in the time he has left. This approach, also known as hospice care, may involve a combination of painkilling medications, nutritional/dietary support, assistance with daily needs, and good old-fashioned human companionship.

Pet Euthanasia Services

If your pet is unwilling/unable to eat, disoriented, upset, incontinent, or uninterested in his favorite activities, it may be time help him pass on peacefully. Our pet euthanasia services are quick, painless, and designed to provide as much comfort as possible to pet and owner alike. Your San Antonio veterinarian can administer a sedative to make your pet totally calm and relaxed before injecting a drug called pentobarbital. When administered in sufficient strength, this anti-seizure drug, which is also widely used as an anesthetic, can bring about the loss of consciousness and death in just a few merciful seconds. The phrase "putting your pet to sleep" means just that -- putting your pet out of his misery by sending him into a peaceful slumber. Once the procedure is concluded, we will be happy to help you determine the appropriate method for memorializing your pet's body.

Ask Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak for Help

You don't want to go through the decisions you face about your pet's end of life care alone -- and thanks to Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak, you don't have to. Call (210) 495-2722 to arrange a consultation with either San Antonio veterinarian on our team. We can help you make the right choices for your beloved pet!

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