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Your Source for Pet Grooming in San Antonio

If your pet has ever been professionally groomed, you probably marveled at the amazing change in how your best friend looked (and smelled). But here at Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak, our pet grooming in San Antonio isn't done solely for cosmetic purposes; it can also play a vital role in our efforts to maintain your pet's overall state of wellness. Either veterinarian on our experienced team can use grooming to reveal or even prevent a variety of health and comfort issues for your beloved companion.

The Many Benefits of Grooming Your Pet

this is a before and after photo of a dog who was groomed at our animal hospital in san antonioYou may need to urging to hand your pet over to a groomer when he's buried under shaggy, matted, dirty hair -- although periodic grooming sessions can often keep the situation from progressing to that stage. More importantly, grooming gives your veterinarian in San Antonio TX an opportunity to address some potential problems in their early stages. For example, dirty, oily skin entices bacteria, which can then produce irritations and infections. Pests can also hide on the skin underneath a shaggy coat of hair, causing dermatitis among other health problems. But bathing your pet can be almost impossible if his coat is so knotted together by thick mats that a simple brushing causes pain. Our animal hospital in San Antonio can work out those mats, or even cut them off, while creating a fashionable new hairstyle for your friend. This allows us to brush your pet's hair and administer a soothing, cleansing bath. Gentle medicated shampoos can rid your pet's skin of pests while we look for any health issues that might require treatment.

Our Animal Hospital in San Antonio Can Keep Your Pet Healthy and Comfortable

Your pet's skin isn't the only part of his body that benefits from our veterinary grooming services. We also provide expert toenail clipping to deal with the ongoing problem of overgrown nails. Domesticated animals don't wear their nails down like wild creatures do, allowing the nails to become long and sharp enough to get snagged on carpets and floors. A snagged nail can be torn away, causing intense pain and paving the way for infections. Since toenail clipping can be a delicate procedure with the potential for injury, you're better off letting our vet in San Antonio handle it.

Anal gland expression is yet another beneficial grooming procedure. When the anal scent glands become clogged, they may become itchy, painful, and infected. Your vet in San Antonio can express the anal glands, restoring their normal function and relieving your pet's discomfort. If a serious infection is present, we can also prescribe medications to treat it.

Schedule Grooming at Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak in San Antonio, TX

Pet grooming is one of many preventative services offered here at Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak. If you want to give your pet the healthiest, most comfortable lifestyle possible, call (210) 495-2722 today to schedule these services from your veterinarian in San Antonio TX!

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