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Pet Surgery From Your Trusted San Antonio Veterinarian

pet surgery

Many people have a reflexive fear of the word "surgery" -- not only in reference to their own needs, but also when thinking about surgery for their beloved pets, but in the hands of a skilled, experienced San Antonio veterinarian like Dr. Woolley or Dr. Stewart here at Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the highest standards of care and safety throughout their surgical procedure. From routine and specialized surgeries to emergency intervention, you can always count on our team to treat your pet like one of our own.

Types of Pet Surgery

Why might your pet need surgery? Veterinary surgery may be advisable or necessary in a variety of circumstances, not all of them life-or-death in nature. At Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak, our veterinarians can perform a wide range of operations, including:

  • Spay and Neuter Surgery - In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, these forms of sterilization actually boost your pet's chances of a healthy life by eliminating or greatly reducing the risks of reproductive cancers and other diseases. In females dogs the risk of certain cancers goes up 120 x after the first heat cycle. It also frees your pet from the heat-related compulsive behaviors that may pose additional health risks. As well as marking and aggressive behaviors from intact male dogs.

  • Orthopedic Surgery - Pets may experience pain and/or lameness due to acute injuries (such as ruptured ligaments), congenital joint abnormalities (such as hip dysplasia), or degenerative conditions (such as severe osteoarthritis). Some of these conditions can be managed medically, but many need surgical intervention. Our skilled veterinarians have specialized skills that allow us to correct many orthopedic conditions. Should the condition arise were a veterinary specialist is needed we have a on call board certified surgeon that will come in to perform the necessary surgery.

  • Preventative Dental Care & Dental Surgery – Dental disease is one of the most overlooked problems in pets today. Dental disease also exacerbates many conditions such as heart disease or renal disease. It is estimated that dogs under 20 lbs. have at least 30 % oral bone loss before the age of 4. That’s why we recommend proactive dental /teeth cleanings. Early maintenance in a pet’s mouth can prolong your pet’s teeth, life and increase overall quality of life. Here at Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak our doctors can perform teeth extractions, tooth restoration oral cancer surgery, and other forms of dental surgery are commonly performed at our hospital.

  • Mass Removal – Masses are a common occurrence in all pets. These masses can be malignant or benign.   Our doctors are able to take a Fine Needle Aspirate, also known as a FNA prior to surgery and examine the specific cells of the mass. This helps determine what type of mass it is and whether or not it is malignant or benign.  Unfortunately, you typically can not tell what type of Mass it is just from visual inspection. The most common types of masses in dogs are Lipomas. These are typically benign/ non-cancerous but does not mean they’re not problematic. These masses can grow rapidly and become a nuisance very quickly. Our doctors commonly remove benign and malignant masses and have your pets best interest in mind when evaluating lumps and bumps.

  • Internal Surgery – Internal surgery covers a wide variety of problems, from abdominal masses (such as splenic tumors) , GDV ( bloat), Foreign Body Removal ( ingested objects) and Bladder Stone Removal . Dr. Woolley and Dr. Stewart have extensive knowledge in internal surgery and even more specialized procedures such as Diaphragmatic Hernia Repairs. Your local San Antonio veterinarian can perform many other surgeries as well and always have your pet’s quality of life in mind above all else.

  • Emergency Care – Emergency situations can be scary. Thankfully our veterinarians have the skills to get you the answers you need for your pet as quickly as possible.  Emergency situations can vary from case to case, but common emergency cases are lacerations, puncture wounds, animal fights, chocolate ingestion, respiratory or cardiac problems, broken/fractured bones and hit by car causes are some of the many types of problems that we see on an emergency basis.

What to Expect Before, During and After Surgery

Our hospital takes pride in knowing that you will be as informed as possible during the process of your pets’ procedures. Prior to surgery, we ask that all dogs and cats go without food after 10pm the night before surgery and they can have water up until the morning of surgery.  When you arrive, our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the anesthetic process and go over all necessary forms needed for surgery.  During the day your pet will rest comfortably in one of our kennels with a fleece blanket to rest on.   Once your pet is anesthetized you can rest assured your pets best interest is in mind. We monitor all anesthetized dogs and cats with surgical monitors that keep track of blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, heart rate and rhythm and all pets have pre-operative ECGs and bloodwork as well.  Once your pet is awake we will notify you of how your pets procedure went and discuss any aftercare instructions needed or when sutures may need to be removed.

Need a San Antonio Veterinarian? Contact Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak

Now that you have a better idea of the range of surgical services and the level of care provided here at Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak, your search for a San Antonio veterinarian for your pet's surgical needs is over. Call our clinic at (210) 495-2722 to learn more and schedule any procedures or exams your pet may require!

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Dr. Woolley has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years.

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San Antonio, TX

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